24 hour subscription with SMS New!

Now allows you to access its services for 24 hours, with the simple process of just sending an SMS.
Send an SMS to 54345 from your mobile phone typing SB24 and you will receive back an SMS back a password that is unique for each SMS.

Using as username your phone number from which you sent the message, and the password that you received, you can connect - as simple as that! Your subscription will be activated for 24 hours upon your first logon, during these 24 hours can login and use the service as many times as you want.
Your subscription will expire 24 hours after your first logon, and will no longer be valid.

The cost of the 24 hour subscription is 2.94 (+VAT)

Besides our already existing 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions, now also provides the flexility to those who need to use our services rarely.

If you intend to use our services frequently, consider purchasing a long-term subscription which are a lot more cost-effective.

Simply send SB24 to 54345 from your mobile phone.
Discover and use huge sports & statistics database

Duration Charge(without VAT) Send at Message
1 24 hours 2,94 54345 SB24