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Tuesday, 06/12/2022
Proodeftiki appointed Nikopolidis

Proodeftiki appointed Antonios Nikopolidis, 51, as their new trainer. Nikopolidis had a long spell with U21 national team and was assistant at Olympiakos.


Monday, 05/12/2022
Iraklis sacked Georgiadis
Iraklis sacked their trainer Konstantinos Georgiadis, 42, after two consecutive league defeats. Georgiadis was appointed on the summer of 2021, continuing his spell at Triglia.
Sunday, 04/12/2022
Proodeftiki sacked Magos
Proodeftiki sacked their trainer Ioannis Magos, 40, after the team picked three points from their four opening league matches. Magos was appointed during the promotion playoffs las season.
Saturday, 03/12/2022
Rouf sacked Stavrianos

PAO Rouf sacked their trainer Isidoros Stavrianos, 41, after the team faild on earn any points for their first four league matches.


Thursday, 01/12/2022
Kallithea appointed Simos

Kallithea appointed Georgios Simos, 44, as their new trainer. Simos worked for OFI and U-21 Greek national team.


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